Monday, 5 December 2016

Yang #1 (Charlton/1973)

Yang #1 (Charlton Comics)

Joe Gill (w) Warren Sattler (a)

During the seventies martial arts became a popular genre in films and on TV so it was hardly surprising that the comics industry muscled in with a number of titles. Marvel produced Shang-Chi Master of Kung Fu and Iron Fist in both "four colour" and black & white formats. DC had the very short lived Karate Kid.

Not to be left out Charlton comics came up with Yang which lasted over two years with 13 issues, not a bad run for them. Set in the 1890's Yang tells the tale of Chung Hui who whilst trying to avenge the death of his father is taken into slavery and sold to unscrupulous railroad men as a navvy.

Easily taken in by the beautiful daughter of Captain Keegan twice, Yang learns the hard way about the world of evil. How their relationship develops however is something I will see as I collect further issues of this quite interesting comic.

Yang does eventually escape to engage in a struggle against the evil. The Yin to his Yang.

Here's the opening pages of the first issue to give you a flavour.

And a cover gallery.....


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