Monday, 13 April 2015

Marvel Flashback: Captain Marvel #2

Captain Marvel #2 (Marvel Comics)

Roy Thomas (w) Gene Colan (a)

From the void of space of comes..... The Super Skrull!

So opens the second issue of Captain Marvel, a warrior of the Kree who finds himself on Earth studying mankind to ascertain if "their existence is a potential threat to the Kree supremacy" as he muses out loud as comic characters tend to do.

Finding his equipment satchel missing he heads of in search of the night clerk who appears to be the thief.

Meanwhile old foes the Skrulls note the presence of the Kree on Earth. The Emperor sends for the Super Skrull, now exiled to the furthest reaches of space following his defeats at the hands of the Fantastic Four and Thor.

Not so "super", even though he has all the same powers as the FF!

But with a promise of reward (short of the crown itself) and the threat of death for failure of he goes.

Our adventure begins.

A recent creation of Marvels at the time it's an early pre-cosmic adventure of the good captain.

Oh, and continued next issue.....

Must get one of these days!

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