Friday, 17 April 2015

The Fox #1

The Fox #1 (Dark Circle/Archie Comics)

Dean Haspiel & Mark Waid (w) Dean Haspiel (a)

The second of the new titles launched by Archie Comics under the Dark Circle imprint arrived in stores this week and a good read it turned out to be!

The Fox is not a character I have much knowledge of having only seen one black & white reprint in an old issue of Alan Class's Creepy Worlds anthology and the recent mini-series that predated the launch of Dark Circle which was a little bit weird to be honest.

This issue however shows a promising start to a quite stylised Fox and features Paul Patten showing his son around the soon to be drowned by a reservoir home town that he grew up in.

All is not well as someone from his past is trying to stop the destruction. Fortunately for The Fox his son is well aware of his costumed identity so joining the fight does not pose a "Clark Kent" moment.

Not that his mask fools his sorceress opponent, the first girl he ever kissed when he was 12. Ahh, young love never dies.

Oh did I mention poisonous fungus!

Pick up a copy and place a regular order at your local comic book store now. It's going to be a fun ride!

Here's a sneak peek....

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