Monday, 25 January 2016

Cor!! Holiday Special 1975

One of the most fondly remembered British comics from the seventies is the short-lived Cor!! published from June 1970 until June 1974 after which it merged with the long running Buster.

However the comic remained alive in the form of Annuals and Holiday Specials until 1986 hence this edition is the first of many that would keep Cor!! in the public eye for another decade.

Most of these stories were reformatted reprints in which one page stories became two and two became four leading to a larger font print that made this ageing collector more than happy as his eyes are not as strong as they were.

To be honest in 1975 this would not have been something I'd have probably purchased since A levels at Tech were high on the agenda. Nevertheless not having many actual copies of Cor!! in my collection this was a welcome addition with the adventures of Gus the Gorilla, The Gasworks Gang and Ivor Lot and Tony Broke plus more to raise a giggle in the part of me (and us all) that remains childlike!

What's the point of growing old if one can't be childish from time to time!

A great diversion from the harsh realities of the world that exist today!


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