Sunday, 3 January 2016

Spaceship Away Part 1 (2003)

One of the most iconic characters from British comics is Dan Dare from the Eagle. Starting in 1950 Dare's adventures thrilled generations of children and some adults for 20 years until the demise of the Eagle in 1969.

Eagle merged with another long standing comic Lion where Dan Dare continued for a few years more until Lion itself fell foul of declining sales and merged with Valiant.

Dan Dare was revived first in 2000AD with a very different and more gritty storyline before reverting to "normality" in the relaunched Eagle in the eighties.

However the version best remembered by generations is the classic RAF style Dare along with Digby and their space pet Stripey.

In 2003 Rod Barzilay and others launched Spaceship Away with new stories of Dan Dare done in the traditional style.

The first story designed to look like the Eagle of old, masthead and all had  three chapters published in this issue. Dan Dare and his mates appeared in The Phoenix Mission as they headed off to the Sargasso Sea of space (near Saturn) to find out why ships were disappearing.

Along with other features this on-going magazine is a worthy buy for any Dan Dare fan.

And still going today! Published Three times a year.

You can find all the latest news and info at their website:

Go to to order individual issues or take out a subscription.

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