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Tarzan Family #60 (DC/1975)

Tarzan Family #60 (DC Comics)

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One of the heroes that most of us grew up with in the sixties and seventies was Tarzan, the ape-man who lived "somewhere" in the African jungle and had been brought up by apes who found him as a baby. Films and TV series galore were made to entertain us with sights of exotic animals, savage tribes, hidden civilisations and even journeys to the centre of the Earth.

The fact he made a splash in the world of comics (and newspaper strips) is hardly surprising. Several publishers, Gold Key, DC and even Marvel obtained the licence though the last adventures printed that I am aware of were from Dark Horse a decade or so ago.


One of the more interesting (if short lived titles) was Tarzan Family published by DC in the mid-seventies. Not only was it led by Korak, Son of Tarzan it also contained other Edgar Rice Burroughs creations Carson of Venus, John Carter of Mars and Amazon of Barsoom.

The transformation of the regular Korak comic into a "Giant" enabled DC to expand the roster. This first issue also tells the origin of Carson of Venus who in a botched attempt to go to Mars ends up on Venus. Now you know.

You also get to see how Martians are born (from eggs) in Amazon of Barsoom and meet the first female warrior.

The issue also contains reprints of some Tarzan newspaper strips from 1932!

Great fun, if somewhat dated.

Sadly this comic lasted just 9 issues before DC had it's infamous "implosion! due to falling sales and financial problems.


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