Sunday, 28 February 2016

Buster Book 1966

There are certain comics that I remember having as a child and this Buster Book cover dated 1966, but actually issued in 1965 was one of them. What I didn't recall was that unlike most British annuals these were published in paperback rather than the usual hardback format which explains why any remaining good condition copies are a little pricey.

However if you have the opportunity to pick a copy of this book do so, you will not be disappointed. Besides Buster himself you also have tales of Johnny Samson, Charlie Peace, Willie Marvel and his Talking Cat, Rob Roy, Brett Shane: Frontier Scout and more.

Along with TV based comedy with Charlie Drake, Jimmy Edwards in Whacko and original strips like Sonny Boy these were a "must have"back in the sixties.

The annuals or "books" as Fleetway marketed them ran from 1962 to 1994.


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