Saturday, 13 February 2016

The New Eagle (1990)

As the comics market changed at the beginning of the nineties so did the Eagle which went through a major makeover. Gone was the newsprint, mainly black & white, mainly comic content. In came the glossy nearly all colour comic with magazine features that marked  the final years of the second run of Britain's most famous comic, The New Eagle

The announcement made by computer editor "Max" (from The Thirteenth Floor strip that was the longest surviving story from the short-lived Scream comic) was made the week before as all the strips were brought to an end.

Not all satisfactorily I have to say!

However The New Eagle was worth the extra price of entry, up a whopping 13 pence to 45p. Four full colour pages of Dan Dare (the original one now returned as his descendant had been sidelined), along with Computer Warrior which featured readers playing the games, The Eagle One Off (short stories) and Dark Angels (a group of kids on skateboards).

The comic almost returned to it's roots having educational features on science, pop music and culture but also featured the Eagle cut-out picture featuring amongst other things diagrams of Polaris carrying submarines. Rather relevant to today's debates kids!

I was lucky enough to pick up the first three issues of this run which would last until the Eagle made it's last stand as a monthly starting the following year.


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