Saturday, 6 February 2016

Space Family Robinson Annual (1967)

One of the odder Annuals issued by World Distributors  were the three Space Family Robinson editions between 1965 and 1967. This series was based on a Gold Key series launched in 1962 and despite it's name was not a tie in to the Lost In Space TV programme that also featured a certain "Robinson Family" plus the indomitable Dr Smith without whom many an adventure may not have taken place.


Rumoured to have been an "inspiration" for the TV show it even adopted the tag "Lost In Space" later in it's run. This "tie in" was abit misleading because the comic was never based on the TV show. Later picked up by Whitman Space Family Robinson ended as a reprint title until it's demise in 1982.


Sadly this Annual is mainly text stories with just one comic strip reprinted from Space Family Robinson #13 (1965). The story The Pit of Doom is passable with simplistic art even for the time published.

The 1965 edition seems to be the one to try and collect but the 1967 Annual (published in 1966) is an interesting addition to anyone's collection.


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