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Bewitched #7 (Dell/1966)

Bewitched #7 (Dell)

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Running from 1964 to 1972, Bewitched was a comedy programme which caught the imagination of a whole generation of not just us kids but the public as a whole. Starring the Elizabeth Montgomery (who died so tragically young at the age of 59) as a witch living in American suburbia with a mortal husband, Darrin played by Dick York.

Add the wonderful actress Agnes Moorhead as the interfering (and disapproving mother-in-law from hell) ABC television had a big hit on it's hands.

The laughs we had as Samantha used her powers (to the consternation of Darrin) under the noses of the nosey neighbour Gladys. Who could forget her long suffering and apologetic husband. Poor soul.

Sadly Dick York was replaced by Dick Sergeant due illness from 1969.

There were an incredible 254 episodes of Bewitched over 8 seasons.

Of course along came the inevitable comic adaptation from Dell in this case. Like most TV based titles this didn't last long and ran for just 14 issues between 1965 and 1969.

These comics contain passable artwork and script but obviously aimed at the younger reader. Charming and a reminder of simpler times.

Loved this. About time this series had a re-run, especially the early episodes in black & white!

First and last issues (#14 is a reprint of #2)

And a reminder of the theme tune!

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