Monday, 25 April 2016

Lady Death: Chaos Rules #1 (Coffin Comics)

Lady Death: Chaos Rules #1 (Coffin Comics)

Brian Pulido (w) Brian Augustyn (a)

Long ago, a girl named Hope renounced her humanity to save her mothers soul from eternal torment in Hell. She is transformed  by insurmountable odds and tragic circumstances into Lady Death, the ravishing conqueror of the netherworld. She ruled He;;. She faced the judgement war . She joined a Dark Alliance, then she disappeared. It's been twenty years. Now, find out what happened to her....

And so opens a new chapter in the journey of Lady Death, a comic I have not picked up for a few years now since then end of Chaos comics and her ill-fated outing with the short-lived Cross Gen company.

Not that Lady Death has been out of print. Stories have appeared under the Avatar and Boundless banner in recent years but with the "bad girl" era of comics now long gone continuing reading her adventures no longer appealed until now.

Lady Death is back and in the hands of her original creator Brian Pulido after a court case involving lawsuits and legal hassles galore.  Pulido now has sole rights to the character and has decided to launch a new company to tell new adventures of the anti-hero herself.

I ordered this on a whim from the previews catalogue and I have to say I'm not disappointed. This is a solid "done in one" tale bringing the Lady Death we are familiar with back to life in Hell. The plot and artwork are solid making this an enjoyable read.

Woken from a spell through the intervention of Heaven, Lady Death returns to the fray looking for vengeance. Boy does she enjoy the hunt, even managing to satisfy her "needs" on the way. (This is a comic aimed at "mature" readers.)

Lady Death is apparently going to be published around four times a year in the same square-bound or "Prestige" format with a complete story in each, but building up to a major event that threatens all life on Earth.

Then there will be space vampires. Can't wait for that one.

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