Saturday, 23 April 2016

Captain Britain #6 (Marvel UK/1976)

After several years of just reprinting US material in a British format, the Marvel Bullpen finally decided to give Brits their own, unique superhero.

One who could only be called... Captain Britain!

When these actually came out I was only purchasing the American versions of Marvel comics, a mistake in so many ways especially as I missed this seminal, if short-lived title.

Brian Braddock becomes Captain Britain and fights evil on Britain's shores. I didn't come across the good captain until he teamed up with Spider-Man..  The early issues of Captain Britain are not cheap, especially if they still have the free gifts. I noticed copies of these in my local comic shops Newsletter this morning. Outside my pocket money range I'm afraid at £35 for the first issue with Captain Britain Mask, but feel free to enquire at:


I decided to skip to some later and more average priced editions but was not disappointed. One of the major innovations Marvel made with Captain Britain was to publish his adventures in full colour, which was a major (and expensive) move back then. Although poor sales didn't allow this to continue throughout the entire run this does make Cap a unique historical read.

Written by Chris Claremont with art by Hebe Trimpe & Fred Kida these tales are not just worth reading, but could do with a reprint volume (in original size) all on their own.

The back up strips include The Fantastic Four (in black and white) and Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD also in glorious colour!


A pity it didn't last longer, but this short run is worthy addition to anyones collection.

Captain Britain was eventually merged into Super Spider-Man with the more than obvious title:


  1. I often wonder if the "return" on having brought certain comics in the past would be greater than if put the pocket-money in a savings account. As for 'Captain Britain', i guess, highlights the fact that most all "superheroes" are either "North American" or end being in North America. Though hear that the DC 're-birth' (another post?) features a 'new' Superman who is from China?!

  2. Well we do have John for DC Rebirth I do plan to comment but had little time last week. Their separate catalogue does give some clues, though you need to read this months Action Comics to find out where the Chinese Superman comes from. Involves dragons taking DNA from Kal....