Monday, 15 August 2016

All Star Batman #1 (DC)

All Star Batman #1 (DC)

Scott Synder (w) John Romita Jr (a)

According to reports from various comic stores and websites the top-selling comic book this week is All Star Batman #1. A revival of a once ill-feted title from Frank Miller and Jim Lee this version is set to be a hit with DC's top talents producing stories that are "out of continuity" with the rest of their universe.

And boy does the Bat have a problem in this story. Two-Face is his prisoner and has made an offer to every citizen in the city that the money of the three most wealthy of Gotham's crime bosses will be paid to them anonymously if they free him.

An offer no one, and I mean no one seems able to resist.....

There's also a back up story with a new "Robin" in a mini Bat-suit and his names Duke.

\"All-Star Batman #1\" preview

All-Star Batman #1 DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers 00

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