Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Commando #4940 The Flying Flea (DC Thomson)

Flying Flea

The latest batch of Commando comics included this wonderful little story (reprinted from an earlier edition in 1966) about a man and his son being transformed from civilians running an airfreight company on a small island near New Guinea to being on the front-line against the Japanese invaders.

The RAF arrive to build an airfield in their paradise and bring the war to them. Despite the presence of modern Tomahawk fighters, very soon survival depends on two very old fashioned planes.

The first a tiny HM14 nicknamed the "Flying Flea"which manages to survive combat with Zero fighters, for a while at least and a Vickers Virginia bomber in which the survivors must escape, be captured or worse.

A charming little story from simpler times. Complete nonsense of course but very typical of how we saw us "plucky British" during the war.

And for the boys amongst us here's some info on the real planes used in this story.

First up the "Flying Flea":

The Vickers Virginia:

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