Saturday, 27 August 2016

The Tomb of Dracula #6 (Marvel Magazine/1980)

By the end of the seventies the horror boom in comics had come to an end. Even the most popular of Marvel's titles, the colour edition of Tomb of Dracula had been cancelled. However Marvel obviously thought there was some life left in the Lord of the Undead as they continued his adventures in their black & white magazine format aimed at "older" or in today's parlance "mature readers".

However this title despite being produced to a high standard with art from Gene Colan, Tomb of Dracula sadly only lasted six bi-monthly issues.

This last issue contained two stories, the main one being about old Vlad himself buying a ship and travelling to the civil war ridden USA and trying to win over the love of his life. In doing so he helps the Confederacy win a battle only to be captured by the rebels and facing certain "death".

The supporting feature sees Dracula's daughter turn detective to find the real culprit of the murders she is falsely accused of.

There was a promise that Dracula would return, but although Vlad appears in various Marvel titles over the years this was the end of what most fans would call the golden years of Marvels take on the Lord of the Undead.


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