Sunday, 13 November 2016

Creepy #100 (Warren/1978)

One of the first "mature readers" titles on the market was Warren Publishing's Creepy magazine which lasted 145 issues from 1964 to 1983. Published bi-monthly at first then increasing to 9 issues per year Creepy was one of three stable titles that Warren produced, the others being Eerie and Vampirella.

In 1978 Creepy reached its 100th issue with a wonderful Cthulhu inspired cover by Bob Larkin. This issue contained no less than eight stories of varying interest.

Starting with The Pit at the Centre of the Earth our two heroes Sebastian and Jill are engaged in a firefight over the worlds declining resources. Trouble is that the bombing brings forth the fifth element which will ultimately destroy the owrld.

And they can warn no one.

Much more "creepy" was Professor Duffer and the Insuperable Myron Meek. An artificial construct as a comedian. Nothing could go wrong, right? Except Myron finds love via a prop from an old movie...

Tale of a Fox is set in ancient China where a plot to usurp a throne involving a Princess goes awry due to the power to turn into a fox.

Science fiction short "Nobody's home" follows and tell of a alien trying to make contact with us despite such acts being banned by law. Does he make it? Do we notice? Nah. All for nothing.

This issues colour supplement tells of a barbarian a wizard and demon though not all is as it seems in Winner Takes All.

Hellhound is one of the more original tales with a good ending that I won't give away

For me the issue is let down by the last two stories which do not appeal Whisper of the Dark Eyes and They're going to be Turning Out the Lights. Depends on individual tastes I suppose, an iherent problem with anthology titles.

Still over-all a good issue to collect


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