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Land of the Giants #4 (Gold Key/1969)

Land of the Giants #4 (Gold Key)

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One of the more fondly remembered TV shows from my misspent youth was Land of the Giants, a wonderful production from Irwin Allen who also produced other cracking shows such as Lost In Space and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. This story saw a band of travellers pass through a space warp into a parallel dimension where everything was so much bigger.

The world inhabited by the giants was similar to Earth but had a sort of fascist government who were aware of previous visitors from Earth, most of whom did not survive for long. The crews weekly battel for survival entralled us in an age when special effects were not as sophisticated as they are today.

The show only lasted two seasons 1968 to 1970 with 51 episodes and sadly was never concluded but had an enjoyable run.

Gold Key's comic series was short lived having just a five issue run with material that was like most of it's publications pretty standard fare for the day. Difficult to find in the UK, most people will probably remember the comic strip that appeared in Joe 90.


This post is dedicated to Don Marshall who recently passed away.

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Thanks for all the entertainment RIP

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