Sunday, 27 November 2016

Dan Dare: The 2000AD Years Vol 2 (Rebellion)

Dan Dare: The 2000AD Years Volume 2 (Rebellion)

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At long last the second and final volume of the adventures of a resurrected Dan Dare, 2000AD style has hit the shelves and well worth the wait it was. A rather weighty tome which not only collects all the stories from the comic itself, but also the material from the annuals! Pricey at thirty quid but collecting the original comics would not only cost more but may prove time consuming and difficult especially if like me you only want the Dare stories.

This volume collects Dan Dare from 2000AD Progs 52 to 126 plus material from the 2000AD Sci Fi Special 1979 and the 1979  & 1980 Dan Dare Annuals.


Dare faces up to continuing threats across the galactic area known as the "lost planets including telepathic aliens, a nightmare world, icebound space squids and even a mutiny from his own crew. But the bulk of the book is devoted to the return of the evil Mekon.


Sdaly this version of Dan Dare comes to an end though Dare or at least his great grandson will reappear in the relaunched Eagle done in a much more "traditional Style".


But fear not Though the Eagle is no more Dan Dare returns in comic form. Look out for it in Previews next week from British publishers, Titan Comics.

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