Saturday, 25 February 2017

Crypt of Screams #1 (American Mythology)


Crypt of Screams #1 (American Mythology)

Mike Wolfer (w) & (a)

Just like buses while you are waiting for a new horror/mystery anthology title two come along at once. Both from the same publisher, American Mythology. (See post below for their other comic). This one is a Kickstarter project from Mike Wolfer whose work Avatar readers will be familiar with.

To be published "quarterly" (but somewhat late in arriving since it was actually solicited last July) Mike has done all the work on this premier issue himself. He says he was inspired by the old comics such as Where Monsters Dwell but even more so it would seem by Eerie, Creepy and Vampirella which actually shows in the material in this first issue.

There are three stories starting Speed Demon set in the "Old West" which revolves around a young boy seeking revenge, The Pond which is a brutal story of seduction, humiliation & revenge finishing with an apocalyptic science fiction tale Burn Out.

All in glorious black & white which is a much better format for horror than colour.

Out now and worth collecting.

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