Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Richard Hatch (Apollo) Remembered

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Richard Hatch who starred as Captain Apollo in the seventies TV series Battlestar Galactica has sadly passed away at the age of 71. Of the original crew he was the only one who appeared in both incarnations of the programme returning as  Tom Zarek, a terrorist in the reimagined and updated Battlestar.

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A great actor who also appeared in other programmes such as The Streets of San Francisco, Dynasty, The Love Boat and Baywatch.

As a youth Battlestar Galactica was essential science fiction viewing and I recall seeing the original movie at the cinema when it was shown at a now long-closed theatre in the Elephant & Castle. The TV show lasted for just one season, a total of 24 episodes before it was cancelled.

Richard Hatch did attempt to get the show relaunched, but sadly his attempt failed though the re-boot with modern special effects did make up for this especially given Hatch's role.


Battlestar Galactica spawned many comics that tried to continue the serial in graphic form. The first attempt being from Marvel Comics. Currently the licence is held by Dynamite who occasionally publish limited series of tales of both the original and rebooted programmes.

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