Sunday, 9 April 2017

Captain Marvel #36 (Marvel/1974)

Captain Marvel #36 (Marvel Comics)

Reprint: Stan Lee (w) Gene Colan (a). 
New material: Steve Engleheart, Jim Starlin & Bill Mantlo

Although not the first comic book character to be called Captain Marvel, this is the original Captain Mar-vel, the rebellious Kree warrior sent to Earth to punish mankind, ends up as a super-hero and becomes "protector of the universe.

In fact this is probably the best introductory issue you can find for the good Captain. It reprints the whole of Marvel Super-Heroes #12 from the sixties and gives readers a two page potted history of Captain Marvel's subsequent developments including his lifeforce being fused with that of Rick Jones and having to continually swap places with him in the negative zone.

Yeah I know, it's complicated.

This runs into a three part story in which the villain of the piece appears to be a murderous Watcher. Go figure, no spoilers here. And anyway I still have #38 & #39 to read at the time of writing so I can't tell ya yet!

Considering Captain Marvel had only had 36 issues by this point so much has happened to him. Great character much missed.


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