Sunday, 30 April 2017

Marvel Annual 1975

From 1974 comes this Marvel Annual (inside called the Mighty World of Marvel) with an all-Hulk content! Published in full colour this edition contains  three complete issues of the US edition of The Incredible Hulk #164 to #166 plus a story from Tales to Astonish #93, featuring a slightly different Hulk rather than the simple beast he was portrayed as at the time.

The two part undersea adventure with Captain Omen sees the Hulk enslaved and trapped by a Captain Nemo like villain only to be released by his son. A tragic two-part story that sees Hulks new friends explode. Literally.


Somehow returning to the US Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk only just in time to fight alongside Hawkeye to fight ZZZAX an energy monster.

All three of these adventures appear later in the UK weekly Mighty World of Marvel but in glorious black & white!

Finally a short story to fill the pages from an earlier incarnation of old greenskin when he wasn't always nice and tries to get the Silver Surfer to take him offworld to start again on another plane. Oddly the Surfer thinks he can cure the Banner of of his affliction and although he changes his mind this is conveniently forgotten by other writers.

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