Friday, 14 April 2017

Smash! #162 Last "Power" Comic (1969)

Starting with WHAM! in 1964 Odhams publishers eventually launched a whole range of titles which became know as "Power Comics" and aped a similar editorial style to Marvel Comics whose material they reprinted in all their titles.

The second, most successful and longest lasting of their comics was SMASH! This lasted 162 issues in it's original format before being sold to IPC/Fleetway whos decided to revamp the title and make it a much more standard British "boys" comic.

Like may children of the sixties I have fond memories of these comics. WHAM!, SMASH!, POW!, Fantastic and Terrific were all great reads introducing many readers to the Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Thor, Hulk and the whole range of Marvel super-heroes then taking off under Stan Lee in the USA.

Originally WHAM! and SMASH! were renowned for their brand of anarchic humour before the super-heroes came along and remained a mix until the end.

The lead story in the final issue was The Swots and the Blots, other favourites included Bad Penny, Grimley Feendish and The Nervs! Adventure included Brians Brain, Bunsen's Burner and of course Thor and the Fantastic Four.

This issue advertised a big change in the following issue. More pages, more adventure and a new direction that gave the comic fresh life for a further couple of years until it was merged with Valiant.

Both incarnations are well worth collecting.


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