Sunday, 24 September 2017

2000AD Summer Special Supercomic 1977

You always knew it was summer when these oversized specials hit the newsagents and this was the first of many from 2000AD. Still a comic in it's youth the main feature and attraction was Dan Dare with Judge Dredd growing in popularity but not quite evolved into the character he was shortly to become.

The odd tale of Flesh with mankind farming dinosaurs without having an effect on the future was one of the main stories of the day. Disturbing, strangely entertaining and completely absurd. This was our generations Jurassic Park.

Meanwhile Britain had been invaded by the Volgans. No, not aliens but err renamed Russians as this was still the cold war. Not just North Korea under a psychotic madman but an entire array of armies in the warsaw Pact arrayed against the feeble democracies of the West. This was our fate in Invasion if we did not defend ourselves.

Lessons to be learn't but this isn't my political blog so back to fiction for the time being.

There's The Harlem Heroes, not a strip I liked much but popular with most readers and there's this weird war strip, The Phantom Patrol with a band of plucky Brits, a tank and landing craft stuck in the past fighting romans. Originally appeared in Swift (a companion comic to the fifties Eagle). Don't know if they ever got home. Perhaps someone who read or collected Swift could leave a comment.

This changed into the 2000AD Sci-Fi Special the following year.


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