Sunday, 3 September 2017

Eerie #89 (Warren/1978)

It's not very often that an individual story makes an impact on me but this issue of Eerie contains one that has stuck in my mind and is a stand out year. The cover story Crystabelle contains no supernatural element whatsoever. The horror involved in this tale is "simply" one of an accumulation of men and women's actions and reactions to each other.

A badly treated woman has a baby she is forced to get rid of but regrets the betrayal of her daughter and kidnaps the child from the foster parents. Hidden away from public view the girl grows into a beautiful woman without any contact with the outside world. The only creatures she sees are spiders.

Then a repairman comes through the window by accident. She mates. And having learn't mating habits from spiders proceeds to devour her lover.....

Stranger things have happened in the real world so the ending made me shudder.

Grab a copy.

Oh and the other stories including an appearance of The Rook are also a good read.

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