Sunday, 17 September 2017

TV Comic & Target #1393 (1978)

Launched in 1951 TV Comic was a long running comic (published for 33 years until 1984) absorbing a couple of other titles during its lifetime. One of these was the short lived Target which merged with TV Comic in August 1978 after just 19 issues.

Never a priority on my reading list, especially at this late date the merger like the Target comic itself completely bypassed me in the late seventies. In fact the merged TV Comic with Target only ran as a headline for 7 issues as the comic reverted to simply TV Comic from #1401.


Aimed at slightly younger readers TV Comic added Kojac, Charlie's Angels and Target to it's existing lineup which included Doctor Who (in his Tom Baker incarnation), Basil Brush and Bugs Bunny amongst others.

TV Comic struggled on for a few more years with a format change later on but like so many British comics fell to declining sales. One of many titles that simply ended as there was nothing left to merge it with.

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