Saturday, 4 November 2017

Vampirella #111 (Warren/1983)

One of Warren's big three was almost at the end of its long run when this issue came out. Just two issues to go, though no one knew at the time. Promoted as a "Giant collectors edition" this continues the adventures of everyone's favorite fanged female.

The two-part Vampirella and the Curse of the Macdaemons gives yet another twist to the story of the Loch Ness monster. Not one of Vampi's greatest adventures but passable for a cold evening in front of the fire with a minor chill rising in the background.

Not sure about the presence of an ocean liner in the Loch, inhabited by the living dead but Vampirella loses another lover to the depths of evil.

Science fiction tale The Time Eater follows with a tale that spans creation and recreation. Best story of the issue in my opinion, closely followed by Fog written by Charlton stalwart Nicola Cuti with art by DC giants Carmine Infantino & Dick Gordiano.

The other two stories The Munificent: Ali Addan and SonThe French Coagulation are standard Warren horror fare but worth the price of entry.

Now if only Dynamite would publish Vampirella in this format........


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