Sunday, 5 November 2017

Eerie #111 (Warren/1980)

I managed to pick up two #111's at the same time. Spooky? No Eerie! Another great addition to my slowly growing collection of Warren black & white magazine sized comics.  I tend to go for the earlier issues as Eerie published serials later on down the line but this edition turned out to be quite readable in it's own right.

Blood on Black Satin  by Doug Monech with art by Paul Gulacy is the first of five stories. Set in a small village in Middlesex Simon Whatley gets caught up in a demonic plot. The villagers are in a frenzy and evil is a broad.

Next up is Moto Psycho Cop by Charlton regular Nicola Cuti with art by John Garcia & Rudy Nebres. Crime fought in a fictional world that uses descendants of old classic screen heroes.

Samurai Messenger follows from the pen of Larry Hama with art by Val Mayerik and is standard Eerie fare as is the last chapter of MacTavish a science fiction tale from Jim Stenstrum & Moreno  Casares.

The final feature is the on-going adventures of Haztur, a barbarian who seems to survive through luck rather than anything else. Certainly the man is no Conan or Slaine. However that said Beware of Glahb is a solid story.


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