Thursday, 2 November 2017

Steve Ditko at 90

Steve Ditko veteran comic book artist reached the grand age of 90 today and is still working on comic books. A very private man who has refused interviews and prefers to be recognised through his work is one of three biggest names in comic books along with Stan Lee and the late Jack Kirby.

Recognised as the co-creator of Spider-man along with Stan Lee, Ditko worked on many memorable characters such as Doctor Strange, the Creeper, Hawk & Dove plus many horror and science fiction stories with a huge body of work for Charlton comics which is worth tracking down.

As a child Ditko's version of Spider-man was and now remains the definitive one never matched by anyone else. Heavily influenced by Ayn Rand Ditko caused controversy in the mid-sixties when his hero The Question left the villain to die in the sewer. Justice was harsh.

Here's some covers to help celebrate this amazing man's contributions to the industry.


  Mysterious Suspense

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