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DC Comics: Five years later......

Futures End (DC Comics)

Writers/Artists (various)

The future of the DC universe is explored in this weekly series which takes place "five years later" than the current line of comics are set in. For those of you who may not have picked up any DC comics for a while you will find that there have been considerable changes to the characters and settings as a result of a storyline called Flashpoint, which "reset" their entire comics line.

 For starters Superman is not in a relationship with Lois Lane (though that will come we have found out) but is having a public affair with Wonder Woman. There are no less than three "Justice Leagues", one of which (Justice League Dark) is an entirely "magical" set of heroes and anti-heroes like John Constantine whose adventures have been toned down somewhat so he can be put back in the comics mainstream.

Superheroes have only been "around for five years" or so and there remains a wee bit of suspicion from Joe ordinary towards many of them.

This particular story sees the introduction of the futuristic Batman Beyond into the DC universe. He's travelled back into the past to save us from Brother Eye apparently. This isn't the only threat around. We discover there has been some kind of war involving Earth  Two and many of their heroes remain in custody or on the run.

Starting with the death of Stormwatch, the Wildstorm team now integrated into DC proper the adventure takes a turn with the apearance of Frankenstein and company going to find out what happened.

Did I mention Brainiac?

This months editions of DC comics are all set in the Futures End time line and are sold in two formats, normal and 3D as this illustration of Action Comics hopefully shows.

Each week this month we'll see what the future may hold for our heroes as each title highlights what has happened.

Its not good news for Aquaman......


...arrested by his wife Mera for treason?

This storyline is far superior to DC's previous attempt at a line-wide crossover under the Forever Evil banner.

Gets a full five stars from me!

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