Saturday, 20 September 2014

Multiversity: Society of Super-Heroes

Multiversity Society of Super-Heroes #1 Spoilers #1

Multiversity: Society of Super-Heroes (DC)

Grant Morrison (w) Chris Sprouse (a)

The second chapter of the multi-universe adventure from the pen of Grant Morrison continues. This time on an earth with "pulp" orientated heroes led by Dr Fate, a magical adeneturer who lives in a windowless tower in down town Manhattan. 

Throw in an all-female team of Blackhawks, a cocky young "Atom" (based on the JSA template), a devilish Green Lantern and Immortal Man and off we go. Morrison's use of "Anthro" as the Immortal Mans original identity (a Joe Kubert creation from the 1960's) and you have this earths counterpart to Vandal Savage.

Did I say Vandal Savage, oh yes he appears to as two worlds collide in space as the gap in the "Bleed" weakens and our savage villain goes off in search of conquest.

A war ensues.

With art by Chris Sprouse this was a joy to read and it doesn't end well. There is clearly more to come as the call goes out for the "super-people of other worlds" to fight, and god help those who have none.

Next month we move to a world of spoilt super-brats if the cover and solicitation is to be believed,

Highly recommended.

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