Thursday, 4 September 2014

The Woods

The Woods Vol.1 TPB

The Woods TPB Vol 1 (Boom Studios)

James Tynion IV (w) Michael Dialynas (a)

Its the last day of High School, everything to look forward to for the summer right?

Well no. Otherwise there wouldn't be a story to tell for starters.

There's a flash of something and the whole building, students and teachers are no longer in Kansas. They have been transported to another world. The two moons give it away really. Other than an odd alien artifact on the edge of the woods, there's nothing to tell them where or indeed when they are.

Panic, fear, you know the drill in a teen movie, it's all here. The geeks, the jocks and of course our heroes, well of sorts any way.

You just know that when the little girl who gets comforted and told there are "no monsters here" is going to end well.

It doesn't.

Mix science fiction, Lord of the Flies and of course monsters here you have a story that actually would make quite a good movie. Maybe even a TV series.

Add to the fact this collected volume of the first four issues is at a low introductory price and you have a hit on your hands from this small publisher.

It also comes out as issue no 5 also hits the stands.

Highly recommended.

 The Woods #05 (Cover A)

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