Sunday, 11 January 2015

Back issue spotlight: Sea Devils #12

Sea Devils # 12 (DC)

Back in the early sixties DC comics published a number of odd titles which relied on non-super powered folk facing monsters and other perils. The best known (and longest lasting) was Challengers of the Unknown, though older readers may also recall Blackhawk. One of their lesser titles was Sea Devils which lasted 35 bi-monthly issues from October 1961 until June 1967.

Not one of DC's better efforts but like many other titles of this era a sign of simpler times if nothing else. If I recall correctly I only ever purchased one edition of Sea Devils back in the day and wasn't that impressed. However looking at some of the wonderful covers that adorn the front of these "funny books", a couple more have entered my collection.

Their stories leave a little to be desired but are fun reading, even the issue that prompted this review.

The Threat of the Magnetic Monster is an issue long adventure that focuses on the youngest member of the team, Nicky who alone of the Sea Devils does not get an award for bravery. After several false attempts to set him up as a hero along comes the statutory monster.

Supposedly "freed by an undersea earthquake" (don't ask) this bizarre creature with magnetic properties starts sinking ships. The creature manages to capture the three adult divers leaving the inevitable rescue to Nicky using torpedoes from a long sunk submarine.

Hurrah the world is saved.

But nothing to write home about.

More for the DC completest than the casual reader.

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