Saturday, 17 January 2015

Superman vs Muhammad Ali

Superman vs Muhammad Ali (DC Comics)

Danny O'Neil& Neil Adams (w) Neil Adams (a)

I noticed in The Times today that Muhammad Ali is 73 today which reminded me of this wonderful story published back in 1978. The story was considered so large it was published in what is known as a "Treasury Sized" format, which for younger readers is tabloid size.

The story, approved by Muhammad Ali, shows the World Champion giving Superman boxing lessons as they team up to save Earth. These moves are illustrated as part of the story as the two prepare for their match.

Now you will probably ask how such a match is at all possible. Superman has superpowers and  is invulnerable amongst other things, so how does Ali get a fair fight.

The ring they forced to fight in negates Superman's powers and he reverts to being as strong as a "normal human being" (his Kryptonian origin aside).

The artwork by Neil Adams is superb, although Joe Kubert was originally chosen for the gig. DC didn't like Kuberts rendition of Ali, and hence the change.

In 2010 this was finally reprinted in two formats. A hardback reprint of the original over-sized edition and a "deluxe edition" in a smaller format with extras.

Best read as a giant size edition methinks!

Its also worth examining the wraparound cover as it is full of cameo appearances from both the fictional DC Universe and the real world.

Just remember its 1978.

The full wraparound cover of Superman vs. Muhammad Ali.

Who can you spot!

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