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DC Comics Presents Annual (1982)

Cover for DC Comics Presents Annual #1 (1982)

The advertising for the forthcoming major story in the modern DC "New 52" Universe, Convergence states that every story counts.

This is one such story from 1982 when the DC multiverse universe was a very different place and the "golden age" versions of their superheroes lived on Earth 2.

Golden Age

Hence Superman could team up with Superman.

In this particular extra long adventure (which take place across no less than three earths you also get a third "Superman" except he's a villain and called Ultraman. There's three Lex Luthors, one has hair and another becomes the first superhero of Earth 3.

Then there's three Lois Lanes, one of whom is in love with Lex, the good one that is.

And so the adventure begins.

Superman (Clark Kent)

Old Lex escapes from prison by swapping places with his Earth 2 counterpart and they are both released, the authorities being no wiser. The plan is for the different Lex Luthors to defeat and kill Superman.

Problem is Earth 2 Lex ( I hope you're keeping up with this) also wants to destroy Earth, which "our" Lex doesn't want to do. The triple team up of the two Supermen and the good Lex does save the day.

Written by former Marvel honcho Marv Wolfman with art Rich Bucker & Dave Hunt this is is a cracking little adventure from  the early eighties as DC comics began to change.

Recommended if you can find a copy! 

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