Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Atlas/Seaboard: Devilina (1976)

Atlas/Seaboard was a short lived company that appeared with a bang on the comics scene launching around 20  colour comics plus a couple of black and white magazines in 1975/76. They disappeared very quickly despite having a few good titles of which Devilina was one.

Th relaxing of the comics code had brought about a boom in horror comics, though this outdated censorship had never applied to magazines and Warren had been publishing Creepy, Eerie and Vampirella with some success for several years.

Devilina is an obvious attempt by Atlas to cash in on the Vampirella market and to be fair though this comic only lasted two issues I for one think it had some potential.

Each magazine is a mix of horror stories led by the Devilina feature itself.

The premise is simple. A war in heaven sees Satan and his followers transformed into demons after a war in heaven. Into the depths he is followed by a woman carrying a baby. His mother and bay sister it turns out.

Satan had a mother? Go figure.

Not wanting them in his realm he places the pair in the future (our seventies) where young Devilina grows up to be a beautiful woman unaware of her heritage until her 18th birthday.

She gets horns. Bit of a give away really.

It's then that the adventures begin as Satan taunts her and kills her first and only love.

The story continues in #2 but is never completed and the character (as far as I am aware) never sees the light of day agin.

As with Vampirella, Devilina introduces some of the stories in this mag which are all quite good fare.

Worth picking up if you can find copies. there's only two issues to collect which is a pity. Deserved a longer run.

Still Dynamite Entertainment has recently picked up the licence to Atlas/Seaboard so you never know......

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