Friday, 25 September 2015

Stingray: The Comic (1993/95)


Every so often a new generation gets introduced to the characters created by the late, great Gerry Anderson.

Currently there is a revival of Thunderbirds with new animation on CITV. Back in the nineties there was a similar happening and despite the decline of the British comics that had become so obvious by then, Stingray was given a comic.

This fortnightly contained only a small amount of new material in the form of features whilst the comic strip itself was a straight reprint of the content that appeared in TV Century 21 back in the sixties.

Confusingly they did not reprint whole adventures at a time but several continuing strips.

So for example issue 13 started off with a three page conclusion to The Big Gun, followed by part 2 of The Medallion Mystery, part 2 of Junk Jeopardy and two episodes of The Monster Weed touted as "part 3".

Additionally there was the continuing story of how the "mysterious and beautiful Marina seems to have lost the ability to speak. Yes the Aqaphibians seem to be the culprits with some kind of poison.

Great stuff, some of which I remembered reading and some that I didn't. Worth picking up if you can find copies. They are a lot cheaper than the original TV Century 21 series.

Stingray: The Comic ran for 22 editions between 1992 and 1995 before merging with companion title Thunderbirds where it appeared for a further 20 issues.

Just to end here's a peak at the wonderful Stingray series itself:

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