Thursday, 17 September 2015

Valiant and Smash Summer Special 1971

The summer of 1971. Two great boys comics had combined and the Summer Special was duly released. The only one as it happens, the next two were Valiant & TV 21 after those two titles merged.

Kicking off with the obligatory Captain Hurricane story (there are two in this issue), this exiting adventure where our Captain rescues a fair maiden from the Japs courage is quickly followed by His Sporting Lordship. I'm not usually a fan of sports related stories but this was a little different and amusing.

Then there's some humour from Banger and Masher....

A cracking adventure with Erik the Viking.

And the sole surviving strip from the former Power Comics days of Smash!, The Swots and The Blots.

Presented here in full colour and complete for your amusement.


There's more besides these including my personal favourite Kelly's Eye.

If you find copies of any of these Valiant Specials, grab 'em kids they are a cracking good read!

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