Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Dracula Lives (Magazine) #6 (Marvel 1974)

Marvel had a success with Tomb of Dracula in the four colour format so launching a magazine format edition featuring everybody's favourite Count was inevitable. This comic featured stories about Dracula across time plus an adaptation of Bram Stoker's original tale adapted by Roy Thomas and drawn by Dick Giordano.

The main feature was of course the present day adventures of the fanged one with A Death in the Chapel being written by Steve Gerber with art by Gene Colan whom many would consider the definitive artist for Marvel's version of Dracula. Certainly his art fitted the bill in black & white.

Dracula goes to the Vatican in order to confront his most dangerous human enemy, a monk called Montees who has discovered an ancient incantation that can banish vampires including their Lord and and Master from creation. Trouble is the Vatican is no place for a vampire!

Meanwhile back in the days before the French Revolution Dracula plots to gain influence through the King, but falls foul of a trap that nearly destroys him until the peasants storm the Bastille freeing him to fight another day. Shadow over Versailles is written by Tony Isabella with art by John Buscema & Pablo Marcos.

There's even an old reprint from Atlas called Mark of the Vampire to fill the issues quota of vampire goodness.

Dracula Lives ran for 13 issues plus one Annual.


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