Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Monsters Unleashed #6 (Marvel Magazine/1974)

Marvel Comics attempt to compete with Warren in the black & white magazine continued with their second launch Monsters Unleashed. This particular issue was a mixture of new material and Atlas era reprints.

Leading with Frankenstein, 1974: Once a Monster -Always a Monster we are treated to one of the most bizarre tales old Frankie could have faced. A rather insane scientist has been experimenting with brain transfers and ended up putting the mind mouse of in Frankenstein's head. Things did not go too well after that. The scientist also happens to be dead, but doesn't realise it. There is more at play here than we realise.

The Strange Children is an Atlas reprint I remember reading elsewhere. Probably in one of those wonderful Alan Class reprint books back in the sixties. Needless to say it's all a bit creepy and a bit more frightening than the Pied Piper ever could be....

Darkflame is an instantly forgettable story about a monster that crawls out of a volcano when a bomb wakes it up, though The Maggots which follows may be another Atlas reprint but is gross when you see the end.

The Scrimshaw Serpent finishes the magazine off with the tales of a witches curse and whalers that doesn't surprise but leaves you with the feeling they just should have left the woman and that boy alone.

Monsters Unleashed lasted just 11 issues, with the Frankenstein strip continuing into the one issue Legion of Monsters magazine..

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