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Supergirl #9 (DC/1974)

Supergirl #9 (DC)

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Superman's cousin Supergirl finally got her own solo comic in 1972 of which this her penultimate issue and the next issue was the last. DC had begun to struggle a bit in the seventies with rise of Marvel and there was a lot of competition on the racks.

In this issue we see Supergirl rescue a canoodling couple from falling over a cliff only to discover the man was due to be her date for her alter-ego Linda Danvers. Dale turns out to be a right heel as do a other men as Kara decides to leave the world of men behind her as she helps rescue Queen Hippolyta (mother of Wonder Woman) from attack by mutated "shark-men".

Agreeing to become an adopted daughter of the Queen of the Amazons on the island of Themyscira she takes up residence away from "mankind". No sooner has she done this then Supergirl agrees to go on a mission to collect a rare plant which will cure Nubia from her injuries sustained in the recent attack.

On Cologi Island she looks for the cologi plant but when Kara is about to leave she is attacked by three witchmen hidden in false stone heads who steal her powers. Only the timely intervention of a white ape saves her. But all is not as it seems.

The ape is a fake, a costume being worn by a lone chinaman, the last of his people who had settled here....

Of course she gets her powers back eventually and learning her lesson about culture returns to man's world.

A tale reflecting the growing feminism of the seventies.

Sales were just not high enough for this book sadly, however there are 10 issues to collect and enjoy, plus her solo appearances in Adventure Comics.


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  1. Seems Supergirl is making a revival at present. Though always appears to come second best to Wonder Woman... perhaps in part due to title being 'girl' instead of 'Woman'?