Saturday, 29 October 2016

Dangerman: War Against the Mafia (Top TV/1965)

One of the TV programmes I used to enjoy as a child was Dangerman, the story of a field agent who used amazing gadgetry to defeat evil. This programme lasted four seasons, though the last one was just two shows and left an indelible memory on those who watched it.

Patrick McGoohan of who played  John Drake went on to be "Number 6" in the cult TV show The Prisoner. Many Prisoner aficionado's like to think that Dangerman and The Prisoner are linked with Number 6 actually being John Drake. Who knows.

If you saw the last episode of The Prisoner you'd be as confused as anyone else as to what that was all about but still, great TV that held us in thrall throughout the sixties.

It comes a no surprise that Dangerman had some tie in comics and Annuals. There was certainly a Gold Key series that I was aware of, though it went by the name of Secret Agent for a couple of issues. Not sure why. Copyright problem I assume, much in the same way Steed and Mrs peel were not marketed in the US comics field as "The Avengers" to this day.

I picked this hardback book up from my local comic shop 30th Century comics whose newsletter stated they weren't aware of this edition themselves. Certainly I don't recall it it, but then I would have been just eight years old when this was published.

Best described as a graphic novel this is all comic book adventure unlike the Annual which is illustrated stories and of less interest to me for that reason

There is a a second edition in this series, Kingdom of Fear if you can find it plus a second Annual.

Here's a reminder of the show for all you oldies like me!

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