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Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #126 (DC/1970)

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #126 (DC)

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A major part of the "Superman Family", Jimmy Olsen had his own comic in which he either with or without Superman faced some kooky adventures throughout the 160 odd issue run from the fifties to the seventies. Armed with only his wit and whatever skill he had managed to pick up from his galaxy and time spanning adventures Jimmy always managed to get himself out of any fix.

Well almost. He did have an "emergency signal watch" with which to summon Superman if he needed help. Lois Lane managed without.....

This issue is fairly typical Jimmy Olsen fare containing two stories, the first of which Jimmy Olsen Traitor sees an arrogant Jimmy sent into the past through an Egygtian curse and he ends up changing the history of the American War of Independence. Jimmy soon realises he has to fix this but readers will have to wait to the next issue (see below) to find out if he has succeeded and more importantly has Jimmy learnt his lesson?

The second story The Riddle Of Kryptonite Plus sees Jimmy going to the moon to try and find a cure for his strange virus. There he seemingly sacrifices himself to save Superman but soon discovers he has been tricked by malevolent aliens.

The rest is history but you do have to wonder at Superman's decision to remove some of Olsens brain cells with his heat vision to remove Jimmy's memory of discovering Superman's secret identity.

Zatanna you were not the first!

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