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Lost In Space: The Lost Adventures (Vol 1) (American Gothic Press)

Lost In Space: The Lost Adventures Volume One (American Gothic Press)

Carey Wilber (Teleplay), Holly Interlandi (Adaptation) Kostas Pantoulas (Art)

Irwin Allen produced a number of famous TV shows in the sixties. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Time Tunnel, Land of the Giants and arguably the most famous of the all Lost In Space. This show lasted several years and some 80 odd episodes but there were a couple of unproduced scripts lying around and this book reproduces the story in comic book form along with the original script and a couple of extras.

Like most kids my age this was a head home at tea time must see and the adventures of the Robinson family, Robbie the Robot and the nefarious Doctor Zachary Smith never failed to entertain. It's been a while since this series has been repeated on TV (to my knowledge, I last remember following it on Channel 4) but there is news on the horizon, not of repeats but a complete reboot by Netflix.

Let's hope it's as good as the remake of Battlestar Galactica rather than the mess someone made with the movie version which is frankly best forgotten about....

lost in space rc aradio lost in space photo cover

The first of two potential volumes, this tells the tale of Dr John Robinson, Major Don West and young Will Robinson getting seemingly lost in the desert. But are they and how long have they been out there? Even the Robot can't help.

The puzzle has to be solved, their lives may depend on it.

And just who is watching?

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