Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Silver Surfer vs Dracula #1 (Marvel/1994)

Silver Surfer vs Dracula #1 (Marvel)

Marv Wolfman (w) Gene Colon (a)

When I saw this in my local comic shop I just had to pick it up. The Silver Surfer vs Dracula. The power cosmic vs the supernatural. Good vs evil. Whilst I was aware this comic was a reprint, I didn't know from where until I got it home.  It is in fact a complete reprint of Tomb of Dracula #50, Marvels longest running supernatural comic from the seventies.

Written by Marv Wolfman and with art by the late, great Gene Colan this adventure is a treat. Deep in the outskirts of Boston one Anton Lupeski has decided that there is no longer any need for Dracula's continued existence and plot unfolds in which he and his coven "enlist" the Silver Surfer in their mad scheme to end the Lord of Vampires himself.

Needless to say despite Norin Radd's best efforts he does not succeed. Only low sales will end the adventures of Dracula.

As a bonus there are three short stories included in this edition including one from Howard the Duck who is incarcerated by Commissioner Gordonski...yeah you got the reference right after he faces the terror of Hellcow. Don't ask. Read.


  1. is "Dracula" actually 'registered' to Marvel Comics? as a Batman vs Dracula would been great!

    1. Dracula has been in the public domain since 1962 so anyone can use him!