Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Strange Adventures #190 (DC/1966)

Strange Adventures #190 (DC)

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Another change in the "mystery line" of DC comics, This time two heroes who are still to be seen today, though Animal Man is the better known of the two. I saw these advertised when originally published by with limited pocket money wasn't able to pick the up until now.

These were not the first appearances of either of this characters. Immortal Man originally appeared in Strange Adventures #185 whilst Animal Man debuted in #180, however for the benefit of casual readers like myself the origins are recapped in both stories.

Animal Man kicks of the issue with an untitled adventure in which he shares his secret as a costumed crime fighter with his buddy Roger Denning. I suppose someone had to know. And off he goes to fight an animal gang, no not actual animals, just hoods who use these poor creatures to protect their island hideout.

Immortal Man also appears in an untitled adventure in which in his latest reborn guise meets up with the love of his life....again. However he doesn't live long enough to tell her as a monster rises from the earth and off he goes in shirt & tie to save the day dieing in the process once more.

Somehow Helen guesses his secret and waits for his return.

Wonderful adventure from the Silver Age of comics, DC style!

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