Sunday, 15 October 2017

Buster Summer Special 1969

One of my favourite comics as a schoolboy was Buster, a weekly mixture of action and comedy. Named after the son of Andy Capp from the Daily Mirror, Buster was the lead character for the near on 40 years that this title appeared. In addition to the weekly comic there were the annuals for Christmas and of course the Summer Special of which this one was the start of a run which lasted until 1997.


This was a massive 96 page tome which took a long time to read and for  half a crown was damned good value, though my copy cost a lot more than 2/6!

Features included Fishboy who had somehow learned to breath underwater and speak to fish including it turns out oysters. Don't ask, just go with the flow. Dizzy Dimwitty and the Haunted Lake which was a retitled story from the Eagle in 1964 originally published as Cornelius Dimworthy. Set in a public school this adventure involved crooks and the search for a lost treasure chest.

Charlie Peace, a Victorian crook who time-travelled to the 20th Century and carried on well doing bad things and not very well most of the time appeared in a complete adventure! Also in this issue published in two parts was Red Scarlet and the Siege of Stowford set in medieval times as civil war raged between supporters of King Richard and Prince John. This was also a reprint but I'm not sure where from? possibly Swift? Perhaps a reader could let me know.

Finally of course there was the comedy. Buster was joined in his comic antics by Rent-A-Ghost and Freddie Parrot Face Davis (a well known comedian of the era), Tin Teacher, Cruncher and The Happy Family amongst others.

A much missed comic.


There was a distinct lack of comedy sketches from Freddie Parrot Face Davies on Youtube but there was this.......

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