Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Dan Dare #1 (Titan)

Dan Dare #1 (Titan)

Peter Milligan (w) Alberto Foche (a)

First appearing in the Eagle way back in 1950, Dan Dare went on to be become one of the most famous and longest lasting British comic characters. Dare also appeared in Lion after the Eagle merged with that comic and was recreated in a more "modern" format for 2000AD in the seventies.


When the Eagle was revived it was a descendant of Dan's (also called Dan Dare) that took up the mantle of the eponymous hero until the original eventually retook the strip. Virgin comics revived Dare for a short but very memorable mini-series which was reprinted by Dynamite Entertainment in a collected trade paperback edition.


Now the franchise (still owned by the Dan Dare Corporation) is back in mainstream comics, albeit in the American format for a four issue miniseries from British publisher Titan.

Dare, Digby and Space fleet face off against an unknown threat to all life in the universe plus the Mekon makes his inevitable appearance. Well you just knew that was going to happen!

Milligan and Foche have made a good job of this and hopefully this will be the first of many new Dan Dare comics.

Don't delay get your copy now! Time to support what seems to be a minor revival of British comics!

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