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Capt. Savage and his Leatherneck Raisers #1 (Marvel/1968)

Capt Savage & his Leatherneck Raiders #1 (Marvel)

Gary Freidrich (w) Dick Ayers & Syd Shores (a)

Hot on the heels of the success of Sgt Fury and his Howling Commandos which had reached it's 50th issue when this comic was released came Capt Savage and his Leatherneck Raiders. This was firmly in the same style of Fury but mostly set in the Far East as far as I can tell though the team did get to confront Baron Strucker and Hydra over the next two issues which I may well pick up sometime.


War comics aren't to everyone's tastes and I've never been sure they had any particular appeal to the British reader. We had our own war comics including those gritty little pocket library titles like the still running Commando! Much more realistic than continuing adventures of the same group who never died.

Still an occasional trip into war-time Marvel can be rewarding as can some of the DC books of the same genre.

In this story, The Last Banzai we are introduced to the team. Captain Savage himself, His sometimes insubordinate deputy Sgt Yaketty Yakes, Cpl Jaques Larogue, the  resident red skin Jay Little Bear and Seaman Blarney Stone. Heh love the last one's name.

Their mission? Destroy that munitions store! Simples? Not. Lovely moves by our resident red Indian saves the day.

Mission completed. Just happen to get on the same submarine as Fury and the gang. Oh well that's the Marvel universe!

Capt Savage lasted for just 19 issues, changing it's name to Captain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders as of #9.


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