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Justice League: The New Frontier Animated Movie Commemorative Edition (Warner Bros/DC-2018)

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Justice League of America: The New Frontier (Warner Bros/DC) (DVD/Blue Ray)

Originally released in 2007, Justice league: The New Frontier is a special movie based on Darren Cooke's six part mini-series of the same name. A one off story that is not part of the DC "canon", this tale tells how the various heroes emerged from from the departure of the masked "Mystery Men" as a result of the McCarthyite witch hunt leaving only Superman and Wonder Woman who accepted the oath of loyalty in the open.

The Martian Manhunter is hidden in the shadows as is the Batman and even the silver age Flash. Other heroes are beginning to emerge. They combine to face a major crisis that threatens all of mankind.

The original appearance of the Justice League of America took place in Brave & the Bold #28  March 1960 and was in a different era to the world we are used to now. Despite the Cold War there was a lot of optimism in the air and a certain innocence for the children of the day that started to disappear in the seventies as culture, music and politics all got a wee bit tougher.

The brutality of today's comics (read mainly by adults) was nowhere in sight and the Comics Code Authority had already seen off those horror comics even mentioned in Parliament back in the late fifties.



The comics this story is based on appeared in 2004 to great critical acclaim so it's hardly surprising that this became one of DC's line of animated movies.

Justice League: The New Frontier is very good and with this Commemorative DVD/Blu Ray edition are lots of extras for the fan.

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